Creative Excellence

Nothing about God is boring, so neither are we. The Bible calls us to excellence so good enough isn't going to cut it. Whatever we do will be out of the ordinary, and to the highest standard. 

We do more by doing less. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Gospel Intentionality | WE. ARE. THE. CHURCH.

We are broken people telling other broken people about a perfect God. The empty tomb changes everything, it fuels our passion to love people as Jesus does. Loving people right where they stand in life.

Radical Hospitality

Going above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and at home in our spaces, services, and speech. Belonging here is demonstrated more than articulated. People are our priority.

Generous Service

We are following His (Jesus's) example by being a community that gives. We give of our time and money to advance the Gospel that will prosper our city and make Jesus famous. We can’t outgive God but we are going to try.

Total Ownership

It’s not about you. No days off. Being a Christian means all day every day. We run toward not away from responsibility.



1701 N FIRST AVE, EVANSVILLE, IN 47710  |  930-204-0333

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